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Food Safety Director

Quality Assurance Executive

Quality Analysis Manager


Food Safety Director

Give your team the tools they need to audit, correct, monitor, and report on adherence to food safety standards and regulations throughout your supply chain and all locations. With everyone on the same platform, you can reference the most up-to-date information to issue requirements manuals, compile audit and test results, and report on food safety activities. Protect customers and the company with a single mobile, cloud-based quality management solution.

Quality Assurance Executive

Get complete visibility into your food safety activities with RizePoint quality management software. Robust business intelligence tools provide a comprehensive view into adherence to food safety standards, so you have as much information as you need while still allowing you to distill key points for your executive team. Your food safety experts work hard to protect your customers, your brand, and your business, and RizePoint lets you track and understand every part of the process.

Quality Analysis Manager

Manage food safety requirements throughout your supply chain and all locations with RizePoint. Ensure your team is always working with the most up-to-date information, and keep track of all the moving parts in one easy platform. RizePoint lets you confidentially share manuals and guidelines, collect and store documents, schedule and conduct audits, and make quick corrections when issues are found.


RizePoint Mobile Auditor® makes you an efficiency master. There’s never enough time when you’re in the field, and if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. With RizePoint, there’s no late-night data entry, or bulky binders to carry. You gather the details you need on a phone or tablet, work offline when connections are a problem, upload your results easily, and highlight critical details for quick correction.

System Features

Mobile app for site inspections

Mobile Auditor streamlines remote location assessments for inspectors and managers. Teams see immediate assessment results in the cloud-based RizePoint Management Console, replacing long, manual upload processes.

  • Capture data easily using powerful forms, with navigation that leads auditors through the process.
  • Offline availability frees inspectors from connection concerns.
  • Attach short videos, upload files, and mark-up photos to highlight important audit details.
  • Communicate details on non-compliant findings through comment features
  • Start audits with just one click when you use RizePoint to schedule your inspections.

Start audits with just one click when you use RizePoint to schedule your inspections.

Streamline temperature and line checks

Conduct temperature checks and automate your line check process with thermocouple device integration in Mobile Auditor.

  • Integrate with Cooper-Atkins Blue2 instrument
  • Upload line check temperature data seamlessly
  • Eliminate errors and prevent tampering

Act quickly to correct issues before they become costly liabilities

Action plans are automatically created for any item marked out of compliance during a Mobile Auditor on-site assessment. Within RizePoint, you can use rules to trigger action plan tasks, establish due dates, send notifications, create alerts, issue reminders, and monitor task completion.

Turn audit results into a reporting powerhouse

With RizePoint, audit data is brought to life with dynamic visual reporting and dashboards for key analysis.

  • Management Dashboards
    RizePoint Management Dashboards put the data you need most at your fingertips, visually highlighting important information. View top-level details and drill down to specific information using any of the available standard dashboard options.
  • Search-Driven Analytics
    When reporting needs go beyond standard dashboards, you can now get answers as fast as you can type. Create ad-hoc reports with Search-Driven Analytics (SDA), powered by search engine technologies that give you answers and insights that matter. With SDA, you can analyze the many details of your quality performance activities—ask questions, analyze data, and build pinboards—in seconds. See data in new ways, tell a story with impact, and provide increased visibility for your stakeholders by including this optional RizePoint add-on in your operations.

Provide complete visibility throughout the entire organization

Provide a single-pane-of-glass view into company-wide operations. With RizePoint, you have visibility and transparency at all levels of the business, paired with automated notifications and reporting subscription options to keep stakeholders informed. Standardized templates, email alerts, push-notifications, and report communications make it easy to manage, monitor, and communicate compliance progress.

Schedule audits with ease

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to schedule audits using RizePoint. Create and view schedules with ease in the cloud-based RizePoint Management Console.


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