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RizePoint Solutions

Improving Your Brand Quality and Safety Compliance

Find Solutions with RizePoint

RizePoint’s integrated software will revolutionize the way you approach quality experience management. You can easily manage your own brand standards as well as industry regulations from a single platform that centralizes all your data. With this searchable information hub, you’ll create a single source of truth that will align and unify field teams, regional management, and executive leadership around your quality and compliance performance. Your assessment and standards information will work together like never before, so you can make data-driven decisions that improve your quality, safety, and brand compliance.

With a tool that integrates your data — from audit results to supplier performance — you’ll easily gather the right data, better see the results of your quality checks, and act faster to resolve issues before they affect your brand and your bottom line.

Compliance & Program Management Solutions

Auditing your business, centralizing data, managing suppliers and locations, and creating meaningful reports can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re equipped with the right solutions, you’ll simplify your compliance and quality programs while increasing quality consistency across every location. With RizePoint, you can do all this and more while saving time and gaining greater visibility into your business.

Facility Quality Management

Assess locations to ensure facilities are safe and in compliance with brand standards.

Food Safety

Protect your customers from food-borne illness when you inspect food handling and preparation process.

Supplier Quality Management

Cut the time it takes to manage your suppliers in half and gain better visibility into the health and quality of your supply chain. 


Gain Transparency into your supply chain with reporting that clearly shows adherence to responsible sourcing standards and reulations.