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Proven & Powerful Quality Platform & Auditing App

Everything you need to conduct audits, inspections, and self-assessments to uncover insights that protect your brand

Gather. See. Act.

Audit Management  

Access our expert-built app and platform to make auditing and finding insights easier.  

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Audit Submission

Make November’s new audit submission easier through our unique partnership with GLOBALG.A.P.   

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COVID-19 Health
& Safety 

Lift the burden with several COVID-19 solutions — from free use to expert-built audit and training packages. 

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Powering quality system and audit solutions behind the world’s best
brands for over
 22 years.  

Improve Your Quality, Safety, and Audit Programs 

Your quality initiatives are run by a small team with limited resources. We’ll help you save time and be proactive as you audit and analyze meaningful data to spot trends and improve results 

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RizePoint has given us the ability to manage and review audits like never before. Not only can you perform and store audits, you can also report on any of the information within the system. It has made it easier for us to put our focus in the right areas.” 

Andrew Wood 

Database & Business Development Manager | ASI Food Safety

Audit Management Solutions 

Optimize & Do More with Digital Auditing 

Get up-to-the-minute insights at every location, so you can make data-driven decisions and focus on hotspots and other areas that need it most.  

Save time with automatic feedback report generation — no binders or spreadsheets required. 

Audit online or offline with any mobile device and keep moving at the pace of your business.  

See immediate insights to fix small issues before they become costly liabilities.

Quality System Solutions

Safeguard Your Customers & Your Brand

Configurable to your specific industry and use case. Whether it’s responsible sourcing, regulatory compliance, internal standards, quality checks, third party audits, or anything else…we’ve got you covered.

Easily audit, inspect, or check against your company policies and standards.

Quickly deliver data to stakeholders the way they want to see it.

Proactively manage noncompliance to mitigate consumer, brand, and legal risks.


A Better Experience for You & Your Suppliers

Spend less time qualifying, onboarding, and maintaining supplier documentation so you can focus on building stronger supplier relationships.

Request and receive supplier documents all in one place.

A single view for supplier status and requirements.

Ensure supplier meet your brand standards.

Overall Audits Completed

Questions Answered Per Hour

Audits Per Hour

RizePoint Platform

Ready to Learn More?  

It’s easy to request a no-commit demo that’s tailored to your specific business needs. Just click the button to get started.  

RizePoint Platform FAQs

What is quality management software (QMS)?

Think of quality management software as a project management tool for building, controlling, and continuously improving your quality systems. Many platforms include features such as auditing capabilities, doc management, in-software reporting, auditor scheduling, corrective action alerts, and more.

What makes a good quality management software platform?

The definition of good quality management software all depends on the specific needs of your business. That’s why it’s important to choose a platform that is flexible and configurable. Start by making a list of what you need and the challenges you need to solve, so you can more easily find the best QMS for you.

Do I need quality management software?

Yes! Your business will benefit from quality management software if you’re bigger than a mom-and-pop shop, if you need to find actionable insights in your quality-related data, or if you’re struggling regularly with poor quality outcomes.

What is supplier quality management software?

Supplier quality management software helps you manage all your suppliers and vendors in one place. This includes the tasks associated with supplier onboarding and renewals as well as supplier compliance management.

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The Future of Auditing: How COVID-19 Is Permanently Changing Quality & Risk Assessment

COVID-19 disrupted everything, but I believe it also revealed opportunities for companies that embrace a new future of auditing. One where evaluations and data come from diverse sources from within and outside your company. One where improvement is incentivized, and quality teams can show exactly what impact they have on product quality, customer satisfaction, and business success.

Digital Transformation Tips to Improve Your Food Safety Culture

Digital Transformation Tips to Improve Your Food Safety Culture

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