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RizePoint software manages the quality process from audits to document management to automated corrective action.


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The RizePoint Brand Experience platform seamlessly integrates and correlates operational data with experiential data, providing end-to-end visibility into every aspect of your brand experience. From operations to I.T. professionals, we've got you covered.

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RizePoint Inspect

RizePoint Inspect

See Your Business — Compliance Management

Inspect every location efficiently using a proven mobile auditor app. Automated feedback means you can correct compliance issues fast, and elevate reporting through search-driven analytics for quality experience insights across your entire organization.

See Your Business

RizePoint Standards

RizePoint Standards

Set Your Standard — Quality Program Management

Establish and maintain a single source of truth for specifications, standards, and compliance documentation to quickly assess supplier performance. Streamline and automate onboarding, document management, and reporting for complete vendor transparency.

Set Your Standard
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With RizePoint, you can expertly balance the Voice of Quality with the Voice of Employee and the Voice of Customer. RizePoint uniquely closes the loop, creating a “single source of truth” for your quality and brand standards. The RizePoint platform amplifies visibility, accelerates corrective action, and enhances every customer touchpoint with collective intelligence.

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