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Manage Quality Initiatives Without the Headache

RizePoint is a robust and dynamic quality management software platform that is purpose-built to help you manage quality assurance, compliance, and suppliers so you can save time, spot trends, and drive improvement.

Gather Better

Conduct audits, collect documents, and sync data from any source to create a single source of truth.

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Gain program visibility, spot trends, and track compliance with robust business intelligence tools.

Act Faster

Take steps to quickly discover and mitigate risk with automated corrective action alerts and task lists.

Gather Better

Data Management
Your Way

Mobile Auditor 

Save time, do more, and stay flexible with online and offline auditing, scoring, and leave-behind reports.

Form Builder

Gather information that reflects your unique business needs and standards with customizable forms.

Document Management

Collect and store documents related to compliance, company standards, supplier management, and more.

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Macro & Micro Visibility


Save time, spot trends, and drive improvement with built-in analytics that automates report creation and subscription-based distribution.


Gain visibility and control information with standard or customized dashboards, instant status updates, and permissions-based access.

Act Faster

Corrective Action

Corrective Action Management

Take corrective and preventative action to the next level with automated alerts for any failed critical control points.

Custom Workflows

Create workflows that can be delivered automatically when nonconformities arise, helping you act quickly before small issues become liabilities.

Stakeholder Signoffs

Keep clear, corrective action records with stakeholder approval functionality that’s built into the platform.


Support & Services

Receive training and support during implementation and beyond, and let our experts help you customize feedback reports, scoring calculators, dashboards, and more.


Keep proprietary information safe yet easily accessible with administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.


Connect data sources through open APIs, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and GPS functionality to more easily gather relevant data and create a single source of truth.

Compliance Solutions for Any Industry

If you have standards to set, documents to track, and compliance to manage, RizePoint has a solution for you. We’d love to get to know your business needs and decide together if RizePoint is right for you.