Brand standards. Quality assurance. Safety. Managing these kinds of details is critical to your business success—but ensuring compliance and consistency can become challenging as your business grows.

RizePoint’s Mobile Auditor® app and cloud-based Management Console team up in one quality management software solution to give you a comprehensive view into your compliance data. With this powerful quality management solution in your corner, you’ll gather better data, see issues earlier, and act to resolve those issues faster—before they affect your brand experience.


From front door to final report. Fast.

Inspect every location efficiently using a proven, time-tested mobile audit app.

  • Perform audits using smartphones, tablets, or web browser
  • Go anywhere with offline access
  • Conduct temperature checks with thermocouple device integration
  • Guide evaluations with step-by-step navigation
  • Capture GPS coordinates for location and question responses to provide greater visibility for onsite audits

Broken to fixed. Quick.

See negative assessment results transformed into immediate corrective action.

  • Call out important details
  • Attach files, videos, and annotate images
  • Sync audit app results for immediate use
  • Toggle between multiple audits at one location to increase auditor efficiency

Evaluate what matters. When it matters.

Create audit forms that cover every compliance requirement you face.

Take action. Now.

Correct out-of-compliance audit results immediately with automated corrective action.

  • Define corrective action plan and approval processes
  • Issue assignments, notifications, alerts, and reminders
  • Track corrective actions through completion for full audit remediation
  • Initiate independent corrective action plans outside of audit processes

The right data. Right away.

Provide quality experience insights across your entire organization.

  • View evaluation results using audit feedback reports
  • Use pre-built management dashboards to view top-level details and drill into specifics
  • Create ad-hoc reports with search-driven analytics
  • View business intelligence data wherever, whenever

Supplier Details. All in one place.

Automate and streamline supplier onboarding processes.

  • Define onboarding tasks to be completed
  • Display supplier tasks on suppliers’ home pages
  • Allow suppliers to directly input information and upload documents
  • Share requirements documents across your supply chain

Fulfill all your needs. With one platform.

Get everything you want in one complete quality management solution.

  • Set role-based permissions so your users see only what they need
  • Share key details using automated communication tools
  • Configure RizePoint to match your organizational set-up
  • Sync your data using the RizePoint API framework