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Beyond the Standard Audit

Form Builder delivers a simple form-creation interface focused on gathering better data faster. The solution helps you achieve efficiencies, so you can work smarter and think strategically. The interface empowers the novice while providing feature-rich capabilities required by the experts. As a result, anyone in your team can rapidly assemble diverse question types and logic to collect accurate and relevant information throughout an assessment.

With Form Builder, you can concentrate on what counts — visibility into your organization — so you can align business practices with business values.

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Form Simplicity

Design, edit, and publish forms quickly to complete more activities faster.

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Quick Reference

Create predefined comments, set notifications, and insert policy for additional intelligence surrounding specific questions.


Question Logic

Apply intelligent, conditional logic to trigger question display and activity pass/fail.

Company Overview

Form Library

Access drafted and published forms from one central location.

Simplify Your Form Creation Experience

Finally, a solution that empowers you to create and maintain questions, policies, and standards with ease. Form Builder’s next-generation form development technology helps you pinpoint data faster to transform your brand experience.

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