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    5 Food Industry Trends from the 2019 SQF Conference

    Nov, 22, 2019
    SAN ANTONIO — Nov 19, 2019 — RizePoint and other leaders in the food industry gathered in San Antonio, Texas, on Nov 5-7 to learn, talk trends, and network at the Safe Quality Food Institute’s (SQFI) annual conference. The conference included several learning labs and talks that directly related to the challenges of traceability and corporate social responsibility demanded by a more involved consumer base. RizePoint identified five food in... Read more

    RizePoint Awards 20 STEM Scholarships to Students in the Canyons School District

    May, 10, 2019
    SALT LAKE CITY – May 9, 2019 – RizePoint, an industry leader in quality management software, is pleased to announce the award of 20 STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) scholarships to students in grades 5 through 10 in the Canyons School District. To help children explore their interests and abilities in STEM fields, each scholarship finances a slot at a summer camp that focuses on the STEM subject that most interests each studen... Read more

    RizePoint Appoints Kari Hensien and Darrel Williams to New VP Roles

    May, 8, 2019
    SALT LAKE CITY — May 8, 2019 — RizePoint is pleased to announce the appointment of Kari Hensien as Vice President of Product Development and Darrel Williams as Vice President of Engineering effective March 18, 2019. Hensien will lead RizePoint’s product development effort and brings a breadth of skill and experience that will help RizePoint to continue down the path of industry leadership and innovation. She will continue to build on her... Read more


    How to Choose a Quality Management Software Vendor

    Dec, 23, 2019
    Tips for Finding the Right Software Your Company Quality management software may be designed to help you succeed in your complex job, but the task of choosing the right package for your business can be intimidating. The best choice for you and your company is going to depend on your industry, your business goals, the market, and even your individual team. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but don't let that slow you down. In this article, w... Read more

    9 Types of Quality Management Stakeholders & How to Manage Them

    Dec, 17, 2019
    Tips for Identifying & Managing Project Stakeholders If you’ve ever managed a project, you know that key stakeholders can make or break your success. Meeting the expectations of a single quality management stakeholder can be a job on its own, beyond all the other elements needed to make your project successful. Unfortunately, it’s rare to have only one stakeholder when you’re leading a project. It’s more likely that you’ll have ... Read more

    10 Signs You Need Software to Manage Supplier Quality

    Nov, 21, 2019
    Your organization works with many suppliers and vendors. And if you’re manually managing supplier quality, chances are noncompliances are hiding in your data and leaving you open to risks. You’re searching through long email chains, deep folder structures, and complex spreadsheets to gain insights, which means you have murky visibility at best. Plus manual systems involve too many administrative tasks, so you’re short on time to drive im... Read more


    How One Company Can Make a Difference

    Mar, 9, 2018
    Like many executives, RizePoint CEO Frank Maylett wanted to engrain community service into his company’s mission and culture. Giving back to the community was something Maylett believed in personally, and he was committed to making service part of RizePoint’s core. “Every quarter, we’d take a full day to do service. We’d choose different charities and spend a full day as a company doing things like working at the food bank, United Wa... Read more

    Canyon School District Students Receive STEM Scholarships

    Jun, 19, 2017
    Helping to Empower Children for the Future   Butler Elementary student Savanna Moursal wants to learn how to hack into a computer if she should ever be locked out. So the fifth-grader decided to apply for a RizePoint STEM scholarship to attend the camp Girls Go Digital to learn more about coding. “I applied because coding is fun to learn and I hope to learn more about software at the camp,” Savanna said. “I’ve learned to co... Read more

    RizePoint Sending 20 Utah Students to STEM Summer Camps

    May, 23, 2017
    Giving Back to the Community COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — RizePoint, a management software firm based in Cottonwood Heights, awarded scholarships to 20 Canyons School District students for stem summer camps. The recipients — nine girls and 11 boys — are in fifth through 10th grades. The awards cover the cost of summer camps in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, with camps focusing on fields such as robotics or marine scien... Read more