Press Releases

    RizePoint Announces 2nd Annual Engage Spark Award Winners

    Feb, 8, 2018
    RizePoint®, the leading provider of quality management software, today announced the 2018 winners of its annual Engage Spark Awards. The awards highlight innovation among its foodservice, hospitality and retail clients. The 2018 awards cover four categories: food safety, supplier quality management, super user and innovation.“RizePoint’s clientele are creating better experiences for consumers worldwide,” said Frank Maylett, President a... Read more

    RizePoint Unveils Quality Management Solution Powered by Blockchain

    Feb, 8, 2018
    RizePoint®, the leading provider of quality management software, today announced quality management powered by blockchain. With this new solution, quality assurance managers can connect all supplier data—from onboarding information to supplier inspection results to industry certifications to corrective action—in a single source of truth.Data collected by the RizePoint solution provides insights into all touch points in the supply chain. ... Read more

    RizePoint Unveils New Form Builder in Quality Management Platform

    Feb, 7, 2018
    RizePoint®, the leading provider of quality management software, today announced Form Builder, a simple form creation interface that empowers the novice, while delivering the feature-rich capabilities required by a seasoned veteran. With this new tool, users can complete more activities faster and view all forms from one easy-to-navigate canvas.“Creating forms is the vital first step of quality management programs,” said Frank Maylett, p... Read more


    Are You Wasting Hundreds of Hours per Year on Audits?

    Mar, 21, 2018
    Quality management inspections — including inspections for safety, brand consistency, or regulatory compliance — are inherently time-consuming. When using traditional methods, such as pen and paper, it can take an auditor several hours to get the required information. Additionally, multiple types of audits might need to happen at varying frequencies — from quarterly to monthly to weekly — at a single location. And then on top of all that,... Read more

    5 Ways Business Intelligence Helps Companies of All Sizes

    Mar, 15, 2018
    Buzzwords such as big data, data analytics, and business intelligence are constantly making headlines. It’s easy for smaller businesses to dismiss them as passing trends that wouldn’t really help the bottom line, but the market for these kinds of tools continues to grow (the big data and analytics market itself is expected to be worth $22.8 billion by 2020), and it’s growing for a reason. About 78% of enterprises agree that collection and a... Read more

    Why You Need Quality Management (and Quality Management Software)

    Mar, 13, 2018
    In 1986, the NASA Shuttle Challenger exploded just minutes after take-off, killing all seven astronauts on board. An investigation found the failure of a solid rocket booster O-ring caused the explosion of the shuttle as it was leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. However, a breakdown in quality assurance and quality management was also cited as a factor in the doomed mission. Despite concerns from engineers regarding the O-ring’s performance in c... Read more


    Canyon School District Students Receive STEM Scholarships

    Jun, 19, 2017
    Helping to Empower Children for the Future  Butler Elementary student Savanna Moursal wants to learn how to hack into a computer if she should ever be locked out.So the fifth-grader decided to apply for a RizePoint STEM scholarship to attend the camp Girls Go Digital to learn more about coding.“I applied because coding is fun to learn and I hope to learn more about software at the camp,” Savanna said. “I’ve learned to co... Read more

    RizePoint Sending 20 Utah Students to STEM Summer Camps

    May, 23, 2017
    Giving Back to the Community COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — RizePoint, a management software firm based in Cottonwood Heights, awarded scholarships to 20 Canyons School District students for stem summer camps.The recipients — nine girls and 11 boys — are in fifth through 10th grades. The awards cover the cost of summer camps in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, with camps focusing on fields such as robotics or marine scien... Read more

    Hotel Business: Software to Help Protect a Brand

    Mar, 21, 2017
    Compliance Auditing Software to Help Protect a Brand’s Bottom Line SALT LAKE CITY—Food safety may not be top of mind for travelers, but it should be for any hotelier worth their salt. A failure to have a brand standard in place for food hygiene and occupational safety can put a hotel property at risk of being the latest subject of a Twitter rant or critical review online.“The days of not having a defendable brand standard and complia... Read more