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Food Service

Technology that adapts to your business.

More Transparency,
More Protection

Foodservice is a challenging, crowded, and competitive industry. Standing out requires meeting customer and brand expectations, but that is easier said than done. Not only is it difficult to maintain brand compliance at every location, but FSMA and other regulations are constantly changing and updating. With so many moving pieces, outdated file cabinets and spreadsheets lack visibility and fail to meet the needs of modern business.

Take your food safety and foodservice quality protection to a new level with RizePoint. Conduct internal evaluations, enable self-assessments, and sync with third-party audits to ensure standards and regulations are met in every location. Gain visibility at all levels of your business with tools such as automated notifications and reporting subscription options
that keep everyone informed and on task. RizePoint helps you execute operational processes perfectly in a hyper-competitive, multiunit foodservice industry.


Increase clarity and quickly share audit results with intuitive technology that automatically generates inspection reports.


See issues earlier and identify trends across your organization to focus your efforts where they’re needed most.

Customizable Forms

Create custom forms and action plans that fit the need of your existing processes. Sync your forms and documents for seamless integration.


Upload photos and short videos so auditors can easily show stakeholders how to fix brand or regulatory compliance issues.

Buffalo Wild Wings Case Study

Buffalo Wild Wings uses RizePoint’s technology to capture daily, detailed observations of service, quality, and overall restaurant experience to pinpoint the company’s deficiencies in real-time. They use this data to increase accountability and consistent improvement across the franchise to provide a positive customer and brand experience.

Before RizePoint we had no real data or way to collect data. Now we can see exactly why a location earned a specific score to make our business better. We can see how it affects our guests and how it affects our team members.

Bob Gremel

Operations Excellence Department, Buffalo Wild Wings

Solutions for Your Industry

Food Safety

Using a Better System
for Food Safety

Supplier Quality Management

Optimize Your Supply
Chain Health

Solutions to Stand Out in Food Service

Stand out in the competitive food service industry with RizePoint. This technology highlights key information effortlessly with search-driven analytics that helps you find and organize data that matters. With this kind of visibility, you’ll improve efficiency, customer experience, and safety for your business. With RizePoint, you’ll gain complete visibility into operations and quality with tools that go to the core of your business performance, including data gathering, reporting, business intelligence, and corrective action.