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“One of the things I love about RizePoint is how easy it was for people to adopt. All team members utilize RizePoint, understand the system, and participate in surveys regularly. RizePoint makes continuous improvement easy.”

Jenni Doyle
Director of Information & Technical Services for Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphey's Pizza


Papa Murphy’s is the largest “take-n-bake” pizza brand in the United States, preparing exceptionally fresh, customized, uncooked pizzas for customers to bake in their homes. With more than 1,500 franchises in 38 states, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, Papa Murphy’s is among the top five retail pizza brands in the U.S. Their mission is: “Bringing families together through food people love.”


To fulfill their mission, Papa Murphy’s is committed to high quality, exceptionally fresh ingredients, friendly service and facility cleanliness. Their internal metric, based on the Quality, Service and Cleanliness (QSC) audit, tracks adherence to their high brand standards. Before RizePoint, each QSC audit took two days to complete, for every one of their 1,500 locations. Audit data was collected on paper, transferred to spreadsheets, and analyzed after several weeks. Reporting was inconsistent and error-prone due to the multi-step, manual process.

Papa Murphy’s chose RizePoint to address the significant concern created by costly and time consuming audits.

In 2012, Papa Murphy’s launched RizePoint enterprise-wide, arming auditors with iPads for data entry. The fast-growing company saw immediate results. QSC audits declined from at least eight hours to under six hours – a 25%-time savings. This time savings reduced overnight travel expenses and enabled an increase in annual audits. Better still for decision makers, audit reporting appeared in real-time, eliminating the labor-intensive, spreadsheet-filled data analysis. Jenni Doyle, Papa Murphy’s Director of Information & Technical Services, said “Our operational management teams are thrilled with RizePoint because we get the feedback from those visits that very same day. Having the data available, and being able to identify trends at a system, division or city level, enables us to make changes to our operational processes right away.”

After the success of the initial launch, Doyle looked for more ways to deploy RizePoint. Infrequency was a major drawback of the old QSC audits – they produced performance data, but only twice per year. Thus, the “Drop In” survey was developed. QSC auditors can complete this simple, two-page survey on any mobile device in one, brief site visit. As Doyle noted, “Hundreds of responses come in immediately, so we can see trends instantly and react in real-time.” Safety and Quality teams can identify issues, see what promotions work, and act on red flags. Operations teams can implement Corrective Action Plans daily, weekly or monthly as opposed to bi-annually.

Papa Murphy’s has seen a 3% improvement in their drop-in scores since implementing the survey. Benefits to the Papa Murphy’s executive team include the reduction in audit time, the availability of performance data in real-time, and the behavior change that transforms audits from a headache to a tool for continuous improvement.

Today, RizePoint is Papa Murphy’s standard for data collection. “We are planning to transition our food safety data collection to RizePoint’s platform,” said Doyle, “RizePoint is integrated into our systems and our team likes it. It’s my job to make sure we are utilizing every function possible to gather better data.”


RizePoint is the global leader in Quality Experience Management SaaS solutions. RizePoint software creates a hub of valuable compliance information to align organizational focus on brand protection. Dedicated to helping our customers deliver a positive brand experience, RizePoint users conduct millions of audits every year, totaling over 300 million questions answered annually. Considered the industry standard for food service, hospitality, and retail, RizePoint is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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