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Case Study


With its humble beginnings in 1935 as a single ice cream shop, Friendly’s has grown into a chain of 266 restaurants in the
Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Friendly’s highest priority is to provide the best handcrafted ice cream, signature burgers and consistent, friendly service to each of its guests. To achieve this, Friendly’s purchased RizePoint software in 2009. The investment has helped the company reduce the use of third-party audits and implement in-house auditing, and evaluate food safety, cleanliness, and brand adherence. Data from the RizePoint-enabled audits allows Friendly’s to identify opportunities to improve its operations and create higher performance standards along the way.


Prior to using RizePoint software, Friendly’s used a third-party auditing system that was limited to data capture using Excel spreadsheets. By adopting RizePoint, Friendly’s has been able to provide a more consistent and comprehensive evaluation tool for general managers to use during internal audits. The effect has been significant as Friendly’s is able to gather much more meaningful data in less time and distribute that data to the right people immediately.

Another RizePoint component that has been particularly helpful to Friendly’s is the ability to create custom audit criteria. Friendly’s recently added new audit components for guest satisfaction and employee behavior to measure employee compliance with company best practices. These additions allow it to identify performance deficiencies and gather enough meaningful data to implement a sound solutions. Additionally, RizePoint software has helped Friendly’s elevate its food safety practices, ensuring that employees are properly trained in food borne illness prevention and that its kitchens meet its high performance standards. Friendly’s is now able to consistently prevent problems rather than simply reacting if there’s a problem.


RizePoint is the global leader in Quality Experience Management SaaS solutions. RizePoint software creates a hub of valuable compliance information to align organizational focus on brand protection. Dedicated to helping our customers deliver a positive brand experience, RizePoint users conduct millions of audits every year, totaling over 300 million questions answered annually. Considered the industry standard for foodservice, hospitality, and retail, RizePoint is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.