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Ensuring Supplier Compliance with Your Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

Take control—Capture, Monitor, Analyze, and Enforce

Adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies are not only a worthy business practice, but it also has a profound effect on everything from brand reputation and product satisfaction to employee well-being and regulatory risk. Self-regulating your CSR standards across the globe can be challenging; however, it’s important to have control and complete visibility of your global supply chain practices. With the right tools in place, responsible sourcing leaders can:

  • Monitor and manage the performance of both internal stakeholders and external suppliers
  • Identify poor working conditions, bad labor practices, and inferior safety standards quickly
  • See risks earlier and remediate immediately
  • Protect brand reputation and profitability while mitigating regulatory risks

Use Auditing to Improve Responsible
Sourcing Compliance

Accountability Auditing

Verify company CSR policies and external regulations are being met in all supply chain facilities using remote site inspections.

Responsible Reporting

Use an effective platform for external auditors, employees, and suppliers to conduct detailed audits, assessments, inspections, and surveys. Quickly upload results from mobile devices to the right people.


Apply reporting tools to map trends, predict risk, monitor suppliers, and proactively address issues.

Unified CSR Management

Access auditing results and reports, automate corrective actions, and remediate risks in a single unified system.

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