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Keep Your Suppliers in Check

Managing supply chain quality is often comprised of time-consuming tasks performed against outdated standards and policies that often fail to deliver visibility into supplier performance. All of this can lead to non-compliance issues that end in negative customer experiences.

Don’t leave your product quality to luck. Safeguard your customer experience through scalable and efficient supplier quality management. RizePoint delivers timely and actionable transparency into the health of your supply chain. You can quickly measure quality against set product specifications and compliance documentation to assess supplier performance and make improvements where needed.

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Improve Compliance

Simplify supplier inspections using intuitive auditing technology that integrates identified non-compliance issues seamlessly into action plans.

Manage Quality

Drive supply chain optimization through targeted, timely, data-driven quality and compliance management.

Increase Visibility

Identify and respond to trends and issues detected across the supply chain to proactively reduce waste and monitor the impact of corrective actions.

Your Software for Inspecting & Improving Quality

RizePoint Inspect

RizePoint Inspect

See Your Business — Compliance Management

Inspect every location efficiently using a proven mobile auditor app. Automated feedback means you can correct compliance issues fast, and elevate reporting through seach-driven analytics for quality experience insights across your entire organization.

See Your Business

RizePoint Standards

RizePoint Standards

Set Your Standard — Quality Program Management

Establish and maintain a single source of truth for specifications, standards, and compliance documentation to quickly assess supplier performance. Streamline and automate onboarding, document management, and reporting for complete vendor transparency.

Set Your Standard

Simplify Supplier Quality Management

Managing every aspect of your suppliers’ performance can be complex. RizePoint offers a solution to this pain. Now you can ensure brand value and consistency with a proactive approach to your supplier quality management.
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