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Facility Quality Management & Compliance

Protect Your Brand and Ensure Compliance Across
All Locations

Gain Consistency Across
All Locations

Your brand is the heart of your business, but it isn’t just about the external appearance of your business. Great branding lives behind the scenes — it’s the invisible policies and procedures that ultimately deliver an exceptional brand experience to your customers. Brand encompasses every single detail of your processes, including how well you manage the dozens to hundreds of facilities, stores, and franchises in your business.

Great facility management is about striving to maintain compliance standards across your business so customers can experience brand consistency at every location. The challenge comes in keeping track of the smallest details, which can translate to hundreds of thousands of data points when your business has several locations. The solution is finding ways to automate processes, clarify communication, and get lightning-fast reporting — RizePoint is your solution.

Clarify Communication

Keep all data in one place to create a single source of truth for increased compliance across all locations.

Focus Efforts

Get automated reporting and action plans so you can focus your attention on locations that need it most.

Save Time

Use digital audits, powerful search tools, and automated action plans to save time so you can do more.

Use Proven Digital Solutions

Your business is complicated, but your solutions don’t have to be. The right software with many integrated capabilities will increase transparency and save time throughout all locations.

Mobile Auditor

With offline access, you can inspect any location using a smartphone or tablet. You’ll save time during assessments and increase transparency when data is gathered digitally and stored in one place.

Automated Corrective Action

Create alerts to trigger corrective action when noncompliant issues arise. Set rules, establish due dates, send notifications, distribute reminders, and monitor task completion to ensure compliance at multiple locations.

Audit Feedback Reports

Empower auditors to deliver accurate and consistent leave-behind reports while maintaining location-specific customization. You’ll reduce audit fatigue and save time when assessment results are immediately uploaded to a central source of information.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Search-driven analytics means you can sort through all your data in seconds, creating reporting specific to location, issue, trend, and more.

Document Management

Establish a single source of truth for all your product specifications, standards, and compliance documents. Attach videos and images to feedback reports that give post-audit clarity to get better communication and compliance if corretive action is needed. 

Supplier Quality Management

Onboard new locations, franchises, or stores with established workflows that encompass assigned tasks and activities to get and keep vendors compliant.

Is RizePoint Right for
Your Business?

It’s time to reduce the stress of managing quality and standards at several different locations, facilities, or stores. Let RizePoint help you automate processes and non-compliance alerts so you can give your attention to the areas that need it most.