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Professional Services

Accelerate Your Business with Help from RizePoint Experts

We’re Here to help you with the enhancements, support, or training needed to drive your success.

Successful quality, safety, and brand protection require unified effort from a dedicated internal team as well as external support to maintain important standards in every location. When you need special enhancements to align your RizePoint solution with your unique operations, our professional services team is ready to design and implement the necessary configurations
for you.

Our professional services experts and customer success specialists are ready to provide the support and configurations you may want in order to build and sustain your quality, safety, or brand protection programs. Use RizePoint professional services to get assistance with business intelligence, scoring, calculators, feedback report configurations, roadmap reviews, site health checks, and more. Plus, our experts bring extensive experience in food safety, operations, brand protection, hospitality, and a variety of other disciplines. Whatever your needs, we have an expert who understands and is ready to find and build a solution.

Available Services

Business Intelligence Facilitation

Get smarter data that you can use more strategically.

• Build reports that perfectly fit
   your needs
• Understand and track metrics most         relevant to your operations
• Learn how to correlate data with             other business units
• Create improvement strategies based     on the data

Support Desk Access

Get the Support you want without anything you don’t.

• Around-the-clock support for Level 1      system outages
• Support desk access for all other            system inquiries (M-F, 6 a.m.–6 p.m.        Mountain)

Custom Scoring and Calculator

Process exactly how you want them.

• Go beyond standard scoring to get         the custom fit for your company
• Create calculations to meet your             scoring needs
• Maintain operational processes                without interruption

Training & Implementation

When you don’t have time, RizePoint service will manage your implementation

• New user creation and existing
   user reconfiguration

• Personalized system training and new    admin training
• Form and location creation
• Reporting hierarchy and approvals
• Notifications and corrective action          workflow creation
• Basic data imports and
  reporting questions

Custom Feedback Report

Tailor your reports to company style guidelines

• Get feedback reports that fit
   company branding

• Create reports that meet                           organizational formatting standards

Annual Reviews

Get expert insight during annual reviews to keep you on the right track

• Annual Business Review
• Annual Roadmap Review
• Annual Site Health Check

Professional Services

Professional Services Team

A solution tailored to your needs, without a custom price tag.

Knowing your business inside and out, employing best practices, and meeting the unique needs of your operation are all top priorities for the RizePoint professional services team. That’s why we supply you with a dedicated team of expert program managers ready to assess, scope, and implement the configurations needed to ensure your RizePoint implementation fully meets your needs.

Customer Success Team

Support when you need it, so you’re always on track.

RizePoint customer success specialists work hard to quickly resolve system issues and address inquiries so your operations run as smoothly as possible. With our customer success team, you can choose the level of support you want, delivered when you need it, so you get exactly what you need from your RizePoint solution.

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Whether you need consistency across your franchise or want to avoid a major food safety scandal, RizePoint has the solution
for you.