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Efficiently manage the work of onboarding and approving new suppliers. RizePoint technology automates the process of requesting, gathering, and sharing business-critical details. With these automated processes in place, you can quickly identify suppliers that meet standards expectations for easy supplier approvals.

Now you can ensure your incoming suppliers are in compliance with quality and regulatory standards — ultimately protecting your brand reputation.

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Scale Supplier Invitations

Automate Onboarding Activities

Streamline Supplier Approval

Scale Supplier Invitations

Managing tens to thousands of suppliers is challenging enough. Collecting and integrating their business details into yours is even more challenging, especially when many suppliers have several sites themselves. Now suppliers can add their individual locations quickly and efficiently, taking the workload off of you.

Automate Onboarding Activities

Gathering and sharing business-critical information requires a lot of back and forth. RizePoint helps you automate workflows for requesting, gathering, and sharing business documents such as contact details, certifications, proof of insurance, and more. You can also push intelligent notifications and documentation to suppliers to ensure compliance.

Streamline Supplier Approval

Ensuring suppliers can meet specifications and standards requirements safeguards product quality throughout the supply chain. RizePoint helps streamline this process by empowering you to quickly approve or decline suppliers according to their ability to meet your business needs.

Automate Your Supplier Onboarding

RizePoint Standards enables you to define and automate onboarding tasks. It allows your suppliers to enter location-specific details and share business-critical documentation. The software also helps establish processes for sharing training obligations, regulatory requirements, specifications, and other compliance documents to ensure your suppliers meet brand standards. RizePoint Standards simplifies your supplier onboarding and approval processes through automated workflows for requesting, gathering, and sharing crucial information.

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