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With RizePoint Standards, you can cut the time it takes to manage your suppliers in half while ensuring a safe, high-quality supply chain. This solution empowers you to establish and maintain a single source of truth for specifications, standards, and compliance documentation, helping you quickly assess supplier performance.

Whether you’re focused on improving the quality of product and services or protecting your corporate social responsibility, RizePoint Standards can help. Now you can automate processes for sharing and receiving required documentation for new suppliers, ensure ongoing compliance, and manage all your documentation from a centralized location. With RizePoint Standards, you’ll elevate your brand experience through simplified quality program management.

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RizePoint Standards Features

Centralized Document Management

Quickly upload, mark-up, tag, and search documentation.

Streamlined Supplier Onboarding

Automate workflows to share and gather critical business details.

Comprehensive Program Management

Create quality campaigns to improve compliance.

Intelligent Analytics

Visualize vendor performance and detect issues to make improvements.

Keep Your Suppliers in Check

Increased transparency means improved brand and regulatory compliance. Learn how you can gain valuable insights into your supplier performance throughout the supply chain.

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Search-driven Analytics

Inject power into standard reporting when you include the search-driven analytics add-on with RizePoint Inspect and RizePoint Standards.

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RizePoint Inspect

See Your Business Better

See how RizePoint auditing technology can improve your compliance program management.

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