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Search-Driven Analytics

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Inject Power into Standard Reporting

Quality and operations managers spend a third of their time generating one-off reports for executives, business units, and activity tracking. When you add Search-driven Analytics to RizePoint’s integrated platform, you can create ad-hoc, custom reports to find, save, and share answers faster than ever before.

Use the power of search engine technology to save hours each week while finding the answers and insights that matter most. You can ask questions, analyze data, and build pinboards quickly to visually convey your story best, ultimately increasing visibility across your organization with intelligent, role-based access to reporting.

RizePoint’s Search-driven Analytics puts you at the center of business strategy. You can import data from other areas of the business and correlate it with your RizePoint data seamlessly. When you include this optional RizePoint add-on in your operations, you’ll have a powerful tool that provides increased visibility into reporting and analytics results for your stakeholders.

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Upload & Join Data

Import external data to correlate with your RizePoint data to create end-to-end visibility.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Create one-time reports for managers in seconds to save time and do more for your business.

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Secure Access

Use role-based access to share business sensitive reporting with key stake-holders.

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End-to-End Visibility

Use reporting to break down brand-damaging silos and increase transparency across your business.

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Learn more about how business intelligence tools like Search-driven Analytics save more time and require less work than other reporting tools by reading the white paper.

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The Right Data Right Now

Gain the right insights at the right time to identify and correct noncompliance issues and improve your brand experience. Stakeholders will enjoy increased visibility into reporting and analytics, so everyone across your business can focus on things that matter most.
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