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Compliance management is a fundamental part of operations and crucial to an organization’s success, but they’ve traditionally been time-consuming and costly. Now you can save time and energy by removing unnecessary steps and streamlining your quality operations. RizePoint Inspect integrations seamlessly link to your data sources. It connects complementary technology for additional insights to ensure quality performance.

With API and thermocouple integrations, you can gather data better, see issues earlier, and act faster to correct issues before they impact customer experiences.

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API Framework

Bluetooth Thermocouple

Performance Results

API Framework

Sync up with RizePoint Inspect’s API framework. Using a RESTful API structure enables you to link your data with RizePoint Inspect’s database, making it quick and easy to access the information you need. It allows you to find and target specific audit locations with all pertinent information readily available. This innovative integration bridges the gap between your organization and quality.

Bluetooth Thermocouple

Create an indisputable source of food safety data to fulfill regulations and enable real-time corrective action. Conduct temperature checks and automate your line check process with thermocouple device integration in RizePoint Mobile Auditor. Upload tamper-proof temperature check data seamlessly using the Cooper Atkins Blue2 instrument or Thermoworks BlueTherm temperature probe.

Performance Results

Connect your business hierarchy to RizePoint for visibility into audit results by location, region, and more. With brand compliance insights, you can identify and resolve issues quickly.

Track, Record, and Manage Data with Ease.

Up-level your compliance management operations with RizePoint Inspect integrations utilizing our API framework and Bluetooth Thermocouple for seamless data entry and organization. Learn more about how RizePoint Inspect integrations can protect your brand and ensure a positive customer experience with a customized demo.
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