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RizePoint Inspect

Compliance Management Software

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Better Evaluate Your Business

Brand standards, quality assurance, safety — managing these kinds of details is critical to your business success, but ensuring compliance and consistency can become challenging as your business grows.

RizePoint Inspect delivers quality management technology that helps you audit, assess, and evaluate your business. With analytics-driven reporting, you’ll get a comprehensive view into your compliance data. With this powerful compliance management solution in your corner, you’ll gather better data, see issues earlier, and act faster to resolve those issues before they affect your brand experience.

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RizePoint Inspect Features

Form Builder

Design, build, and deploy forms to gather the right information at the right time.

Mobile Auditor

Conduct assessments anytime from anywhere on the device of your choice.

Corrective Action Management

Ensure timely follow-up from action items identified through an assessment.

Feedback Reports

Access audit results for audit evidence and leave-behind reporting.


Integrate RizePoint with product, financial, voice of customer, and voice of quality systems to ensure a 360-degree brand experience.


Search, save, and share key reports, dashboards, and pins for visibility into compliance program execution.

Faster Audits, Faster Reporting

When you assess every location efficiently using a proven and time-tested mobile auditing app, you’ll see negative audit results transformed into immediate corrective action.

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Search-driven Analytics

Inject power into standard reporting when you include the search-driven analytics add-on with RizePoint Inspect and RizePoint Standards.

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RizePoint Standards

Set the Standard

See how RizePoint quality program management technology helps you keep your suppliers and vendors in brand and regulatory compliance.

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