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Mobile Auditor

Take Best Practices with You Wherever You Go

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Different Location, Same Mobile Solution.

Throw away your papers, pencils, and other archaic auditing solutions. With the ability to take any smartphone or tablet into a location and conduct an audit, RizePoint Inspect’s Mobile Auditor is making time-consuming manual audits obsolete. When auditors are equipped with Mobile Auditor – including thermocouple integration – auditors can quickly gather accurate data, and managers can view results immediately on any device.

With Mobile Auditor, you can focus on what matters most – visibility into all your franchises, stores, or facilities, so you can align best practices with your business standards.

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Customizable Forms

Create forms specifically for each audit type and location to streamline assessments.

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Media Capable

Upload photos and short videos to easily show any inconsistencies with brand standards.

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Immediate Results

Sync audit results immediately after any audit to increase transparency.

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Automated Corrective Action

Notify management of liabilities immediately to begin the corrective action process instantly.

Mobile Auditor vs Manual Audits

View the infographic below to see a breakdown of how technology helps you save time in audits, see important information faster, get painless reporting and analytics, and automate corrective actions.

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Total Auditing Control Within the Palm of Your Hand

RizePoint Inspect gives auditors the ability to combine 21st century auditing practices and technology to create consistency and safety within your brand. See how RizePoint Inspect Mobile Auditor can flip your auditing process onto its head, by giving you quick and accurate data.

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