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Audit Feedback Reports

Easy Reporting to Clarify Assessments and Corrective Action

Save Time, Decrease
Audit Fatigue

With pen and paper assessments, auditors need to create customized leave-behind reports after each and every audit. When auditors go digital, feedback reports are generated automatically and are more helpful to operations managers when corrective action is needed.

RizePoint empowers auditors to deliver accurate and consistent leave-behind reports without losing the importance of location-specific customization. Plus, the ability to attach videos and images to feedback reports gives post-audit clarity to the results and any corrective action needed. Using the power of RizePoint, auditors can now link results to company specifications.

Solutions Toolbox for Feedback Reports

With RizePoint Inspect, gone are the days of creating manual feedback reports for every audit at every location. Auditors can standardize and automate leave-behind reports without losing any customization needed to address the unique issues at individual facilities. This type of standardization can save auditors several hours each year when creating leave-behind reports.
Leave-behind reports are not just proof of audit—they can be a powerful tool for transparency into the health of processes at any given location in your business. With the right reports and insights, noncompliance will decrease, which means great things for brand consistency, risk reduction, and your bottom line.
“Show don’t tell” becomes a powerful asset with RizePoint’s Mobile Auditor. Auditors can attach videos and images from an assessment to give clarity to operations managers when noncompliance occurs. This helps clarify results, so stakeholders at the audit location can easily see what corrective action is needed.
With RizePoint, auditors can link specific company or regulatory standards to audit results. This will further clarify the corrective action needed when noncompliance issues arise, and it links each action to a single source of truth across your whole business.

Increase Compliance with Better Feedback

A lot of moving parts and data points go into making your business run smoothly. Rounding up audit information quickly to help managers increase compliance has been a challenge traditionally, but RizePoint makes manual reporting and follow-up a thing of the past. Set up a free demo to see how RizePoint can help your audit, assessment, and inspection feedback lead to increased brand and regulatory compliance.