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Document Management

Link targeted policies, specs, and standards directly to
audit forms.

Create Consistency with a Single Source of Truth

Maintaining a great customer-facing brand experience starts behind the scenes. This means that each and every standard, specification, audit, and touchpoint has the potential to impact your customer’s brand experience. When you need to manage thousands of data points across several locations, it’s time to streamline how you regulate your documentation for standards, specifications, and policies.

RizePoint takes your document management to the next level. Simply upload as many documents you wish, select relevant sections to tag, and link them to any form on RizePoint’s platform. This creates a “single source of truth” across your whole business, bringing consistency to your brand and standards compliance.

Solutions Toolbox for Document Management

Quickly upload one-off documents or bulk documentation. You can upload PDFs, spreadsheets, images, and more to be tagged and linked for easy policy reference. Keep your standards and specs in one place as a single source of truth for your business.

Supported file types: .doc, .xls, .txt, .ppt, .pdf, jpeg, .jpg, .png, and more.

Create predefined comments, set notifications, and insert policy for additional intelligence surrounding specific questions.

Give each policy mark-up as many tags as you wish. This helps save time when you’re searching for a specific policy, standard, or specification during an audit. Tagging from centralized document storage preserves your single source of truth across the entire RizePoint platform, which means you’ll increase compliance consistencies throughout your business.

Thoughtfully tag each mark-up to find yourself in searchability heaven. You can search for and find exactly what you need in seconds across the entire RizePoint Platform. You’ll quickly and efficiently locate policies to reference, update, or remove, ensuring everyone in your business is immediately on the same page.

Streamline Your Standards Management

With RizePoint, your document management just got easier. When virtually every data point across your business can be linked to a “single source of truth,” it keeps your business in sync from top to bottom. You’ll increase consistent compliance with regulatory, product, and brand standards. Contact RizePoint today to see how our software can help your business with compliance and total quality management.