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Whether during food prep or throughout the cooking process, protect all foods from cross contamination and ensure that cold products stay cold, and cooked food reaches the proper internal temperature. Minimize the time your prepared foods spend in the “Danger Zone.”

Protecting food through the preparation process is extremely important. In preparing potentially hazardous foods you need to make sure that they spend less than four hours in the “Danger Zone,” which is between 41°F in 135°F (5°C – 57°C)

Thawing is the first step in preparation of frozen foods. Acceptable methods include: cooking foods above 140°F (60°C), refrigerating at 41°F (5°C), holding under portable running water at 70°F or below for no more than two hours.

Cooking for the proper minimum internal temperature for each food type destroys the toxins in the food that are produced by bacteria. Toxins or poisons that can cause foodborne illness. The final cooking temperature should always be tested with a promoter, never by looking or touching the food.

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