Partner | CanXL Systems, LLC | A RizePoint Partnership

CanXL’s Quality Management Services (QMS), powered by RizePoint, ensure you understand your current position with respect to the many industry regulations, as well as help identify areas of noncompliance before they become an issue.

Full Regulatory Audits

  • On-site physical Facilities inspections (grounds and building)
  • Business Operations Policies and Procedures assessment
  • Finished good Product compliance check
  • Inspection summary and detailed observation report (inclusive of critical rating and pictures, if applicable)
  • Recommendations for observation resolution and/or mitigation
  • Follow-up inspection to assess mitigation efforts (within 90 days)

Mock Inspection

  • On-site, holistic inspection; the way the regulatory authorities would do it
  • Real-time feedback and response coaching
  • Compliance risk assessment
  • Assessment summary report
  • Know what to expect so you can optimize your chances of passing an inspection

Internal Audit Program

  • Develop internal audit frequency
  • Identify key performance metrics
  • Configure and implement audit management platform
  • Train internal audit team to conduct audit and use platform
  • Monitor, provide recommendations / consultation for internal audits
  • Maintain accuracy of platform and provide relevant updates as appropriate
  • Fulfills CCR 17 Section 40235: “the quality control program” requirement

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