Press Releases

    RizePoint Honored as Stevie® Award Winner for Governance, Risk & Compliance Software

    May, 2, 2018
    RizePoint, the global leader in Quality Experience Management software, was awarded a bronze Stevie® Award the Governance, Risk & Compliance Software category in The 16th Annual American Business Awards®. The award recognizes the best software solutions that provide a structured and systematic approach to ensure proper governance, manage risks and ensure compliance across an organization. “RizePoint customers experience a 60% decrease ... Read more

    RizePoint Announces 2nd Annual Engage Spark Award Winners

    Feb, 8, 2018
    RizePoint®, the leading provider of quality management software, today announced the 2018 winners of its annual Engage Spark Awards. The awards highlight innovation among its foodservice, hospitality and retail clients. The 2018 awards cover four categories: food safety, supplier quality management, super user and innovation. “RizePoint’s clientele are creating better experiences for consumers worldwide,” said Frank Maylett, President a... Read more

    RizePoint Unveils Quality Management Solution Powered by Blockchain

    Feb, 8, 2018
    RizePoint®, the leading provider of quality management software, today announced quality management powered by blockchain. With this new solution, quality assurance managers can connect all supplier data—from onboarding information to supplier inspection results to industry certifications to corrective action—in a single source of truth. Data collected by the RizePoint solution provides insights into all touch points in the supply chain. ... Read more


    Supply Chain Visibility: Gaining a Proactive Advantage in Food Safety

    Jul, 31, 2018
    The rise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ever-changing government regulations have put a new strain on supply chain managers. You need to know everything about your supply chain — from farm to fork — and you need to know if everyone along the way is producing, hiring, and acting ethically and within FSMA guidelines. It’s a lot of information to gather and analyze for meaningful insights. However, if you can gain a higher level... Read more

    Total Quality Management Principles: The Ultimate Guide

    Jul, 23, 2018
    Success in business requires a winning strategy. That’s because quality and value never happen by accident. They must be pursued with purpose and intentional effort. Many managers and owners know this, but few know where to start when trying to increase quality levels in their business. Without an established gameplan, these businesses may spend significant amounts of energy only to go around in circles. The good news is, you don’t have to... Read more

    How Papa Murphy’s Saved 2 Hours per Audit over 1.5k Locations

    Jun, 14, 2018
    Audits, assessments, evaluations, surveys, and inspections: no matter what you call them, they are necessary for your multi-location or franchised food service business. You need to track everything from food safety compliance to brand compliance to customer experience. It’s a huge undertaking to gather and interpret data in meaningful ways across dozens to thousands of locations. Papa Murphy’s, the take-n-bake pizza giant, knew that pain.... Read more


    How One Company Can Make a Difference

    Mar, 9, 2018
    Like many executives, RizePoint CEO Frank Maylett wanted to engrain community service into his company’s mission and culture. Giving back to the community was something Maylett believed in personally, and he was committed to making service part of RizePoint’s core. “Every quarter, we’d take a full day to do service. We’d choose different charities and spend a full day as a company doing things like working at the food bank, United Wa... Read more

    Canyon School District Students Receive STEM Scholarships

    Jun, 19, 2017
    Helping to Empower Children for the Future   Butler Elementary student Savanna Moursal wants to learn how to hack into a computer if she should ever be locked out. So the fifth-grader decided to apply for a RizePoint STEM scholarship to attend the camp Girls Go Digital to learn more about coding. “I applied because coding is fun to learn and I hope to learn more about software at the camp,” Savanna said. “I’ve learned to co... Read more

    RizePoint Sending 20 Utah Students to STEM Summer Camps

    May, 23, 2017
    Giving Back to the Community COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — RizePoint, a management software firm based in Cottonwood Heights, awarded scholarships to 20 Canyons School District students for stem summer camps. The recipients — nine girls and 11 boys — are in fifth through 10th grades. The awards cover the cost of summer camps in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, with camps focusing on fields such as robotics or marine scien... Read more