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Hospitality Technology: Free COVID-19 Solution for Food Service Professionals

March 31, 2020

RizePoint is now offering complimentary access to COVID-19-related forms, reports, and auditing tools to all food, retail and hospitality organizations.

RizePoint understands that food service organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in responding to COVID-19.  The top priorities are to ensure employees and customers stay healthy, and to help stop the spread of this deadly virus.  Therefore, food service professionals need to implement enhanced Cleaning, Sanitization, and Safety Protocols.  But they might not know the appropriate protocols for COVID-19 (e.g., what cleaning and sanitization chemicals have been registered with the EPA with a coronavirus claim.)

Another major issue:  How can food businesses rapidly deploy and train all retail locations/employees and track progress, responses and other mission-critical information?…Click here to read more