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Canyon School District Students Receive STEM Scholarships

Cottonwood Holladay Journal

June 19, 2017

Helping to Empower Children for the Future


Butler Elementary student Savanna Moursal wants to learn how to hack into a computer if she should ever be locked out.

So the fifth-grader decided to apply for a RizePoint STEM scholarship to attend the camp Girls Go Digital to learn more about coding.

“I applied because coding is fun to learn and I hope to learn more about software at the camp,” Savanna said. “I’ve learned to code a little at school, but at the camp, we’ll use Play-Doh to control a computer. That sounds really cool.”

On May 17, 20 Canyons School District students from fifth grade through tenth grade were honored as RizePoint scholarship recipients after a committee reviewed their applications, which included a personal explanation of their own ambitions to learn at a STEM camp, their academic record and recommendations from a teacher and a peer.

RizePoint, headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, has mobile and cloud-based auditing software that helps organizations improve the quality, safety and sustainability of their products, services and facilities. Companies can gather better data, see results earlier and act faster on any red flags. RizePoint’s auditing software is used by five of the top eight hospitality brands, including Marriott and IHG, and five of the top eight food service brands, including McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

This is the second year the RizePoint scholarships have been awarded. Most of the recipients are students in fifth grade and middle school.

“This helps students attend a summer camp outside of what they learn in the district,” Canyons Education Foundation Development Officer Laura Barlow said. “It gives our students a great opportunity to learn new, fun things, and that is huge. It enhances what they’re already learning and gives them a jumpstart into STEM. It excites students about learning.”


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