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Mobile Auditor Free Use

Implement Your COVID-19 Response with RizePoint 

Update and educate  employees on the latest COVID-19 cleaning, sanitation, and safety protocols.

RizePoints COVID-19 Response Solution allows you to implement daily COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitation Self Audits and Per Shift COVID-19 Safety Briefings for all employees.   

Location managers can quickly see when critical response items are running low like EPA registered disinfectant with a human coronavirus claim. 

Corporate quality and safety managers can monitor daily COVID-19 cleaning and sanitation execution through audits across all their locations.​ 

Location employees will use proven mobile auditing tools to quickly capture COVID-19 cleaning, sanitation and safety data to ensure your organizations response is comprehensive and effective in protecting employees and customers. 

Managers will use the RizePoint Web Application to monitor in real-time COVID-19 response implementation and ongoing program execution using the RizePoint COVID-19 Dashboard with key location and organization-wide KPIs and metrics. 

And, you’ll be up and running in days.

RizePoint COVID-19
Response Solution

Unlimited, FREE use of mobile audit tools, forms, and reports for rapid response to the dynamic COVID-19 outbreak now through March 18th, 2021.

RizePoint COVID-19 Resource Center

See our COVID-19 Mobile Auditing Tools

A platform that’s ready to go to work for you

RizePoint Mobile Auditor Implementation Process

1. Done! You signed up on the website to gain access to the RizePoint COVID-19 Solution.

2. Next, we’ll have you fill out the Location and User spreadsheet. When you’re done email it back to us.

3. Once we’ve received the spreadsheet from you, we’ll put that information into our system and set up an instance for your company.

4. When the system is ready, we’ll schedule a time to train you and hand over the software for​ your use.