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Retail Operations

Technology that adapts to your business.

More Transparency,
More Protection

Don’t get buried under a mountain of big data. RizePoint software offers complete visibility into your retail operations, and the business intelligence to identify information that matters. As each of your locations gathers data specific to their local operations, you get consolidated, effortless reporting that articulates business performance at the field, regional, and global levels. Leverage this insight to drive revenue by improving efficiency, customer experience, and safety.


Increase clarity and quickly share audit results with intuitive technology that automatically generates inspection reports.


See issues earlier and identify trends across your organization to focus your efforts where they’re needed most.

Customizable Forms

Create custom forms and action plans that fit the need of your existing processes. Sync your forms and documents for seamless integration.


Upload photos and short videos so auditors can easily show stakeholders how to fix brand or regulatory compliance issues.

Solutions for Your Industry


Using a Better System

Supplier Quality Management

Optimize Your Supply
Chain Health