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Creating Memorable Guest Experiences

The hospitality industry thrives on positive guest experiences. That means you need to create consistent brand compliance at every hotel and resort location to ensure a consistent, positive experience. The process of maintaining brand standards has many moving parts, and managing hundreds of locations is a strenuous process. Additionally, out-of-date file cabinets and spreadsheets can bury you in mountains paperwork and they lack transparency.

Stop the quality and ops management juggling act. Give your team the tools they need to evaluate, correct, and monitor standards and regulations in every location. By ensuring consistency and quality across your properties, you save time, increase clarity, and manage threats to your brand reputation, all in service of your guests’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile Auditing

Unified Auditing

With team members on a unified auditing platform, the synergy between employee, auditor, and management has never been more seamless, making compliance a true team goal.

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Customizable Forms

Create forms specific to your business operations, to focus your auditing efforts on areas that need it most.

Accurate Data

Collect accurate, meaningful data and set triggers to automatically send reports to all stakeholders — from location managers to corporate offices.

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Faster Resolution

View audit results from the palm of your hand and immediately begin corrective action to quickly resolve noncompliance.

Intercontinental Hospitality Group Case Study

Managing 4,800 hotels around the world is a major task, but using the right compliance management tools can make all the difference. See how IHG uses RizePoint software to ensure a consistent, positive experience for their customers through increased compliance across all areas of their business.
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Solutions for Your Industry

Guarantee a Consistent, Positive Experience

Guest experiences can make or break businesses in the hospitality industry. When online reviews and social media serve as the first impression for potential customers, one publicized noncompliant issue can have costly consequences. That’s why having a unifying compliance and quality management software is more important than ever. With RizePoint you’ll drive guest loyalty and brand compliance when you increase transparency, clarify communication, and ensure compliance across all locations.

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