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Maintaining Grocery Store Ready-to-Eat Food Safety

Better Compliance & Quality Performance

Your Solution for
Ready-to-Eat Safety

Grocery stores and convenience stores have unique challenges when it comes to food safety. Your team is small, but you need to manage big, important pieces of your business—pieces that all need to work together to help you reduce risk and keep your customer and brand safe.

You are managing:

  • Brand standards
  • Regulatory standards
  • Vendors
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Employee training
  • Corrective action plans
  • Franchise reporting
  • Corporate reporting
  • Waste limitation
  • More

It’s a lot of moving parts. But with the RizePoint quality and compliance solution, all your moving parts can fit together seamlessly while making your job easier. You’ll streamline your processes while saving time, mitigating risk, and increasing visibility into each location and across your entire supply chain.


Increase clarity for stakeholders with automatic reporting after audits and with noncompliance alerts. You can create ad-hoc reporting in seconds with the search-driven analytics functionality.

Supplier Onboarding

Automate processes for onboarding and approving new suppliers, locations, franchises, or stores with established workflows that help keep vendors compliant.

Centralized Document Management

Establish and maintain a single source of truth for all specifications, standards, and compliance documentation. Improve clarity of your standards when you link audit questions to specific policies.

Cloud-based & Offline Auditing

Save time during audits and with report creation when you digitally gather and store data. Integrations such as Bluetooth thermocouple tech make gathering data more accurate and tamper-proof.

Solutions for Your Industry

Food Safety

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Better System
for Food Safety

Supplier Quality Management

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Chain Health

Facility Quality Management

Using a
Better System
for Food Safety


Use Food Safety to Protect
Your Brand

Better Solutions for Grocery & Convenience Stores

Foodborne illness still affects thousands of people every year. Industry regulations and internal standards and processes are important to keeping customers safe, but manual audits, reporting, and record keeping can’t keep up with the growing and changing industry. It’s time to discover your software solution. With RizePoint, you’ll gather data better, see issues earlier, and act faster to correct those issues before they affect your customers and your business.