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Powerful analytics. Comprehensive reporting. Fast.

For years, big data seemed to hold the key to optimizing business and finding new revenue in tight margins. While it’s true that data-based decisions are a crucial way to drive success, if you don’t have the right tools in place to analyze the data you’re collecting, you only get a fraction of the value from the information. That’s why RizePoint invested in Search-Driven Analytics as a way to stay on the cutting edge of business intelligence for quality and ops teams. SDA helps managers efficiently address one-off requests using search engine functionality. Simply ask a question, get the answer, and share it, all using beautiful charts and graphs that make the data easy to understand.

Read our white paper to learn:

  • Why business intelligence tools are critical to a big data world
  • How Search-Driven Analytics saves time and work compared to other reporting tools
  • The advantages of integrating data from other business units for end-to-end visibility

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Learn How SDA Will Save Time and Increase Visibility