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RizePoint COVID-19 Response Solution
Terms and Conditions

About Free Usage

RizePoint is offering free usage of our RizePoint COVID-19 Response Solution to organizations who are looking to implement updated procedures and policies around employee and customer health through March 2021.  To start your free usage simply sign up at  https://rizepoint.com/mobile-auditor-covid-19-free-use/ 

What’s included in Free Use?

  1. Access to a COVID-19 Solution Expert who will assist you in setting up your locations and users and will support training your organization on how to use the trial.
  2. Access to our industry-leading award-winning QMS Platform Software via user login and password to https://covid.rizepoint.com.
  3. Ability to use our two COVID-19 Response forms* (COVID-19 Safety, COVID-19 Cleaning, and Sanitation) to complete training and cleaning and sanitation activities at all your locations as frequently as you need to.
  4. Access to our COVID-19 Response Dashboard. So you can monitor location activities and see critical items that need your attention.

You won’t be charged during your free usage period, and you can cancel anytime. We’ll remind you when your free usage period is about to end. If you choose to continue using RizePoint after the free usage period ends well help you find the right solution and payment options for your organization.

*NOTE: Although compiled by quality personnel to the best of our abilities, the COVID-19 forms we offer are based on public sources and are provided in this offer as an information-only resource without representation or guarantees. RizePoint shall not be liable for any indirect and/or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with this offer. Before implementing your own response plans, participants are encouraged to consult with the Center for Disease Control and PreventionUS Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization and/or other country (jurisdictional?)-specific health agencies. All information was current at the time it was uploaded.

About Better Options

RizePoint is working closely with industry experts to deliver tailored industry solutions (Assessments, Dashboards and Training) that you can use in conjunction with our free mobile auditor/platform use.
What’s included in Better
1 – Industry Solution Packages that include forms and a dashboard tailored to your business
2 – Video Training Packages(Coming Soon) to reinforce visually appropriate behaviors to enhance employee training and knowledge retention.
These packages provide you with a tailored solution for your business at a reasonable price.  See our Rizepoint.com website for more details, industry options and pricing.

Current Customers

We are extending this offer to current customers.  Simply contact your RizePoint Project Manager to work through implementing the RizePoint COVID-19 Response Solution in your instance of RizePoint.

    Already Have a Cleaning and Sanitation Partner?

    Tell us! Chances are we work with them on the software side of their solutions some of our favorites are EcoSure, EcoLab, Diversey, and ASI. They know your business and needs better than anyone. We would be happy to work with them to implement the COVID-19 response solution for your business.

    Want to adapt our solution to your unique needs?

    Let’s talk.

    Here are just a few of the requests* we can work with you on.

    1. Localization of a form to another language.
    2. Upload and use additional forms.
    3. Tailor our forms for your unique needs.
    4. Create additional forms.
    5. Create additional dashboards and reports.

    *Special Requests may incur a one time implementation fee but we commit to keeping our fees as low as possible to ensure your successful response.


    Important Items:

    • We reserve the right to deny a free use requests by an organization for any reason.
    • We reserve the right to share anonymized aggregations of what we are seeing as usage (number of organizations, number of key critical Issues, number of employees trained, etc.) to talk about the impact the offer is having.
    • By signing up for this trial you may be contacted by our marketing team to talk about your use and the value of the solution and how it is helping you in your response.
    • We will invite Free Users to Customer activities and events while they are active users of the Free Usage Solution.
    • Review our RizePoint End User License Agreement here.
    • Review our RizePoint Terms and Conditions here.