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Protect Employees
with Easy Check-in & Check-out Processes

Reopen Using Employee Protection Tools Perfect for Every Industry  

As businesses work to reopen, everyone is striving to understand and meet the requirements and best practices for COVID-19 — requirements that seem to change every day. Plus, when it comes to employee screening, the task requires attention to each shift and each employee as they enter and exit all your business locations.

To keep up and even thrive, your processes and systems must change too. You can’t move forward with manual processes and murky visibility. You need the benefits of expert-endorsed checklists and quality management software to effectively maintain clean and safe work environments and restore employee and consumer confidence. RizePoint and Respro has you covered.

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Ready to see more? Click on the images below to preview the reporting dashboard and assessment form and sample questions. 

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More COVID-19 Solutions

If you are interested in using RizePoint for more than employee screening, take a look at the additional options
available to address Coronavirus in your business environment.

Why RizePoint?

With over 22 years of experience in quality management software, RizePoint has helped top brands execute their quality, compliance, and safety systems. We’ve also partnered with industry-leader Savvy Food Safety to offer forms built specifically for COVID-19 solutions.

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About Respro

Respro is an experienced, trusted resource providing brand protection public health services to a wide range of industries. Uniquely fit to address COVID-19, Respro provides programs and certification for a wide range of businesses such as health clubs, restaurants and food services, hotels and resorts, live event venues, retail, transportation, theaters, outdoor attractions, arenas, sporting events, parks, and conventions. Familiar providers protect their brand with Respro’s health, safety, and crisis management solutions.

Dennis Keith Founder & CEO

Dennis Keith has more than 20 years health department experience, serving in both management and regulatory capacities. His expertise comes with the knowledge to help owners and managers organize safety programs that make a sustained improvement, reducing the chance of illness and health department enforcement.

Employee Screening

Focus on What
Matters Most

  • Conduct employee screening audits for every shift at every location
  • Quickly roll out new guidelines & policies
  • Prepare for the new normal in quality, safety & compliance
  • Establish & maintain safe & healthy work environments
  • Restore consumer confidence
  • Monitor compliance & assess results in overall locations

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