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“Using RizePoint we’ve been able to reduce our audit time from 11 hours per audit to 8 hours per audit.”

Ed Thompson
VP of Quality Assurance for Avendra

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As North America’s largest professional supply chain management company serving the hospitality industry, Avendra works with over 6,000 customers and suppliers to help them optimize their supply chain operations. The company purchased RizePoint software to run its entire quality assurance process, which includes tasks like supplier audits, product optimization studies and audits of goods and services being delivered. Avendra works closely with well-known hotel brands such as Marriott, Hyatt, Fairmont and Club Corp. RizePoint software has helped Avendra improve the overall efficiency of its auditing process and provide customers with more detailed analytics for making site improvements.


Prior to using RizePoint software, Avendra’s auditing was done using paper and pencil, which required data transfer to a laptop computer and later to a corporate server. This inefficient process limited Avendra’s ability to capture detailed analytics in a timely manner. Since adopting RizePoint software, Avendra auditors use a real-time connected iPad, which allows them to cut audit time by 30% on average, and upload their findings immediately.

In addition to saving time, RizePoint software helps Avendra identify and correct problems almost immediately. For example, while inspecting daily truck deliveries, Avendra may discover spoiled produce that must be replaced before the lunch or dinner schedule for that day. RizePoint software allows them to send an email to the supplier in a matter of minutes to notify them of the problem and arrange for them to send replacement product immediately. The improved communication provided by RizePoint software improves efficiency and helps Avendra resolve problems more quickly.


RizePoint is the global leader in Quality Experience Management SaaS solutions. RizePoint software creates a hub of valuable compliance information to align organizational focus on brand protection. Dedicated to helping our customers deliver a positive brand experience, RizePoint users conduct millions of audits every year, totaling over 300 million questions answered annually. Considered the industry standard for food service, hospitality, and retail, RizePoint is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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