Learn how Arby’s combines VOC and VOQ data to drive operational excellence and achieve 25 consecutive quarters of sales growth

“Using RizePoint we’ve been able to reduce our audit time from 11 hours per audit to 8 hours per audit”

– Ed Thompson, VP of Quality Assurance

“We can see how it affects our guests and how it affects our team members”

– Bob Gremel, Operation Excellence Department

“RizePoint has allowed us to gain visibility and organization so that we’re not working in silos anymore”

– Joe Ventimiglia, Ops Service Manager

“RizePoint makes internal audits easier and more enjoyable”

– Lionel Bisson, Director of Quality Assurance

Learn how automated corrective action drove a 5% increase in global brand consistency.

“Using RizePoint helps a company preserve its reputation and strengthen its integrity with its customer base”

– Michael Flath, Owner

“IHG is able to stay on a single platform across the globe while still accounting for regional differences”

– Tony Nelson, Manager, Product Management for IHG

“An essential tool”

– Chris Belmont, Director of Operations at Landmark Restaurant Group

“One of the things I love about RizePoint is how easy it was for people to adopt”

– Jenni Doyle, Director of IT

“By using RizePoint for our in-stores audits, we’ve simplified and improved our process for identifying performance gaps”

– Joe Turner, CEO First Sun Management Corp.