Business Intelligence

Turn assessment results into a reporting powerhouse

With RizePoint, evaluation data is brought to life with dynamic visual reporting and dashboards for key analysis.


Management Dashboards
RizePoint Management Dashboards put the facts and figures you need most at your fingertips visually highlighting important information. View top level details and drill down to specific data using any of the available standard dashboard options.


Search-Driven Analytics
When reporting needs go beyond standard dashboards, gain new freedoms in analytics by creating ad-hoc, custom reports with Search-Driven Analytics (SDA). Use the power of search engine technologies to find the answers and insights that matter most. Ask questions, analyze data, and build pinboards—in seconds. Convey data with the charts and graphs that tell your story best, and provide increased visibility of reporting and analytic results for your stakeholders by including this optional RizePoint add-on in your operations.