RizePoint Takes the Equal Pay Pledge | RizePoint

Equal pay for equal work – it’s the foundation of fairness and integrity. Women make up half of the workforce but on average earn only 79% of what their male peers make. Closing the gender wage gap is crucial.

Businesses play a critical role in reducing the national pay gap. As a result, today RizePoint took the Equal Pay Pledge, joining tech industry giants like Cisco, Salesforce, and Amazon.

RizePoint is committed to breaking down barriers standing in the way of women’s leadership. We believe in “Active Sponsorship” – advocacy and outreach that targets talented women for opportunities to better demonstrate their capabilities and ambitions. Giving women the opportunity to achieve – not out of necessity, but because it is their passion – is one of the ways we enable a diverse and inclusive workplace.

RizePoint has completed a preliminary compensation analysis and has made adjustments to ensure gender pay equity throughout the company. In addition to an annual study by an independent third party, we pledge to monitor our compensation data on an ongoing basis, making any corrections that are necessary to ensure impartiality when it comes to pay.

I am proud that RizePoint is taking part in making a stand for women everywhere. We challenge all our friends on the Silicon Slopes to join us in taking the pledge.

About the Author

Frank Maylett is President and CEO at RizePoint. he brings more than 20 years of experience leading, selling and expanding software service organizations. Prior to RizePoint he was Executive Vice President for Global Sales, Services and Alliances at Workfront/AtTask Inc. In that role he dramatically grew SaaS revenue and increased productivity, positioning Workfront as the leader in Enterprise Work Management. Frank has also worked for inContact, Kabira Technologies, IBM and Novell. Frank is a 2014 recipient of Selling Power Magazine 50 Best Companies in America to Sell For award, ranking at number 20, and the 2013 recipient of Utah Business Magazine Sales and Marketing Executive of the Year (SAMY Award) for excellence in sales leadership.