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6 Benefits of Mobile Audit & Inspection Apps for Better Health & Safety Processes

6 Benefits of Mobile Audit & Inspection Apps for Better Health & Safety Processes

Most stores and restaurants have long relied on manual processes and checklists at every store location with acceptable results. But, as we all know, the world has changed. In the post-COVID-19 world, you need to up your game — making your food safety culture a top priority.

Fortunately, there’s an answer: an audit and inspection app that makes your processes more effective and easier to implement.

Here are six benefits of implementing a mobile auditing app at all your locations.

1. Better Visibility & Greater Insights

Job number one in today’s post-COVID world is to ensure customer confidence in your health and safety protocols. With a mobile auditing app, you can quantify your increased sanitation and ensure your entire team realizes its importance through communal record-keeping. From checklists for “cleaning and sanitation” to “employee hygiene,” you can then communicate results to your customers to help underscore your efforts. Consider displaying feedback reports at registers, sharing good news on social media, or making the information available on your website or app.

2. More Consistency

As conditions and guidelines continue to evolve, we are continually learning new best practices related to health and safety. An audit and inspection app allows you to revise policies at all store locations simultaneously and communicate them seamlessly. With a simple update to the app’s code, the new guidelines will immediately show up across the company. That means you no longer have to fret whether updated have trickled down to the front lines. In addition, mobile auditing apps encourage you to conduct assessments, inspections, and audits more frequently and completely, thus ensuring you routinely meet all standards.

3. Easier Tracking & Reporting

It’s easy to identify and fix something that’s amiss with an audit and inspection app that shows you gaps at a glance. You can create centralized reporting, conduct remote audits as needed, and quickly determine if a specific location needs more training or other tools to improve its performance. This type of centralized documentation also allows you to share reports with all stakeholders, from the executive team to store managers, assuring them that you’re adhering to food safety culture best practices.

4. Faster Corrective Action

It’s risky to let even a small issue languish or go unnoticed. With a mobile auditing app, you receive instant feedback on failed items and can take immediate steps to rectify the issue. An inspection checklist app provides an immediate record of how each location is doing, so you can determine where you may need to refresh training.

5. Increased Sense of Ownership

A manual system makes it all too easy to fudge results or even blame someone else for an issue, whether it’s a lapse in judgment, an honest mistake, or careless neglect. A good mobile auditing system will have in-app GPS and timestamp tracking, as well as image and video capture in case you need visual evidence for any questionable activities. This can help reduce human error and/or contain “bad actors” who claim to complete checklists but in reality let their responsibilities slide.

6. Enhanced Training

Today’s chaotic environment means it’s easy for your busy employees to miss a step, or not understand a new procedure, which could lead to an inadvertent oversight. Most employees learn by doing. Using a mobile checklist app allows you to take training to the floor, where they will more quickly grasp the new procedures you’re implementing post-COVID-19.

Wondering if it’s time to get a digital aid? Check out our affordable solutions of health and safety audit checklists that include a best-in-class mobile auditing app, instant feedback reports, and a layered dashboard that reveals key insights.

RizePoint Announces Updates to Mobile Auditor Compliance App

RizePoint Announces Updates to Mobile Auditor Compliance App

RizePoint, the leading provider of quality management software, announced three new features—GPS capture, concurrent multiple audit functionality, and single sign-on capability—in the award-winning Mobile Auditor® app. The new features simplify remote site inspections and add visibility to brand compliance data.

“Our customers conduct hundreds, sometimes thousands, of evaluations each year using RizePoint Mobile Auditor,” said Frank Maylett, president and CEO, RizePoint. “Toggling between multiple audit forms during a single inspection will save time, often amounting to hundreds of hours saved annually. This means our customers can spend more time training and educating their employees on important brand standards.”

Mobile Auditor creates efficiencies for quality and operations professionals worldwide. Single sign-on creates a seamless and secure way to manage users globally, GPS capture gives peace-of-mind to managers, and the new toggle functionality streamlines the inspection process.

The new Mobile Auditor updates allow users to:

  • Capture data easily using powerful form navigation that leads auditors through the process.
  • Toggle between multiple audits at one location to increase auditor efficiency.
  • Capture GPS coordinates for location and question responses to provide greater visibility for onsite audits.
  • Use offline to free inspectors from connection concerns.
  • Attach short videos, upload files, and mark-up photos to highlight important evaluation details.
  • Communicate details on non-compliant findings through comment features such as free form, pre-defined, or auditor-configured comment fields.

To learn more about Mobile Auditor visit: https://agamotto.rizepoint.com/products/#ma

RizePoint At-a-Glance

  • RizePoint mobile and cloud-based software helps organizations improve the quality, safety, and sustainability of their products, services, and facilities.
  • RizePoint’s software is used by 5 of the top 8 hospitality brands and 5 of the top 8 food service brands.
  • RizePoint serves more than 387,000 users in 120 countries and territories, speaking 40 languages:
    • 105,000 food service restaurants
    • 27,000 hotels and resort properties
    • 13,000 grocery and retail stores

About RizePoint

RizePoint is the global leader in quality management SaaS solutions. RizePoint software creates a hub of valuable compliance information to align organizational focus on brand protection. Dedicated to helping our customers deliver a positive brand experience, RizePoint serves more than 2 million audits with 300 million questions answered annually. Considered the industry standard for food service, hospitality, and retail, RizePoint is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, visit www.rizepoint.com.