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Intelligent Analytics

Your Data Your Way

Better Reporting for
Better Transparency

You have dozens to hundreds of locations to assess, which can add up to hundreds of thousands of details to track across each facility, franchise, or store. With that much data, it’s a challenge to quickly see which locations are meeting quality and brand compliance standards and which locations need a little more help.

The advanced analytics and reporting capabilities you get with the RizePoint platform is the solution. You’ll gain visibility into your business that pen-and-paper audits can never provide. Transparency in your business will be better than ever, trends will rise clearly from the data, and noncompliance issues will be easier to identify and correct. These detailed insights will help you focus your limited resources, so you can correct quality and safety issues before they become problems.

Solutions Toolbox for Document Management

Quickly see the status of every audit and corrective action plan you’re managing. Simple, visual reporting tells an in-progress story so you can easily see the status of audits and corrective action plans. With at-a-glance visibility, you can use your limited time and resources where it counts.

Customize dashboards and reporting to fit the needs of your specific business. You’ll keep compliance on track and gain the business intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions to manage risk. Plus, you can create dashboards by role to send the right information to the right people instantly.

Stop wasting time making sure the right information gets to key stakeholders — let RizePoint do it for you. Use reporting subscription options to automate alerts, emails, report communications, and more to keep everyone informed and to ensure visibility and transparency into your audits.

Search-driven Analytics

Inject power into standard reporting when you include the search-driven analytics add-on with the RizePoint platform.

Become a Reporting Superstar

Are you ready to ease the burden of audit reporting? RizePoint can help you sort data to create dashboards that increase transparency across your business. With analytics-backed reporting, you will save time while seeing your business in new ways. All this adds up to creating data-driven business decisions that increase compliance and protect your brand. Request a demo to learn more about how RizePoint can make you a reporting superstar.